A Final Day In My Life

Here’s a final glimpse of what my life is like, now during the school year.

A Scholastic Day In My Life

6:45-7:45 wake up, let Pete out, get dressed, review what I’m going to teach, walk to school
8:00-10:00 teach English to 60 students
10:00-10:15 mid-morning break where I eat a bowl of rice and beans for breakfast, if Pete follows me to school, he gets the leftovers
10:15-12:00 teach English to another 60 students
12:00-2:45 walk home after morning classes for lunch, let Pete in the house if he hasn’t followed me to school, take a bucket bath, change my clothes, and relax till it’s time for my afternoon classes
3:00-5:00 go back to school and teach English to the final group of 60 students
5:15-8:00 walk home, change my clothes, take Pete and go for an hour’s run, take another bucket bath, feed Pete, make and eat dinner, ignore Pete’s pleading looks for my food
8:00-9:00 wash dishes, brush teeth, take Pete for a quick stroll, get on the internet to check my email
9:15-9:30 go to bed, read for a bit, fall asleep listening to Pete snoring

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