Gobble, Gobble

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and even if America is the only country in the world who celebrates the fourth Thursday in November with overeating, parades, and a game in which grown men dress up in padding and try to run 100 yards while carrying a ball (American football), it’s still my favorite holiday. My post mate Lauren and I celebrated by making a chicken, apple pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, and gravy. And by “we made”, I really mean Lauren cooked; I was on dish duty. Pete celebrated by grabbing a chicken leg that was grilling over the fire, carrying it over to where we were sitting, dropping it at my feet, and looking very pleased with himself; though he wanted to eat it, Lauren ate it.


our feast

My List of Thankful includes being in Benin. Without this second stint in Peace Corps, I don’t know if I would know truly know what, in my life, is important, what’s essential, and what I can do without. I know that the friendships that I’ve made here and those that have endured my absence, those people have been golden stars. And I know that I’m thankful for YOU, reading this blog, writing me messages, and encouraging me.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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